Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Total - $193.01

Total to Date for Bikini Competition is $193.01.

As, the competition gets closer, t minus 1 month from tomorrow (August 18), I am purchasing materials to help me look my best. This includes Pro Tan, what I like to call "fake 'n' bake". I asked a few veterans to competing about the tanning situation. The tanning salon or other tanning products will absolutely NOT work. It is different being on stage versus a nice sunkissed glow. I purchased a bottle at $63.45 which includes shipping. This will allow for a practice run and show day.
Pro Tan® Competition Color 16oz

For obvious reasons, the bikini is of HIGH PRIORITY! Thank you to Heather Doane for lending me these beautiful suits. These are not cheap and for her to lend them was a selfless act that I cannot express my gratitude enough. There are companies that rent suits, but my goal was to compete on a budget and educate others that it CAN be done.

In my quest to compete, I am asking my body to do a lot. My workout regimen is challenging and I purchased glutamine to assist my body during this process. My boyfriend, Palani Mak, swears by this supplement so I decided to give it a try. I always do my research and there are mixed reviews regarding glutamine, but it definitely will not hurt me. Glutamine is produced naturally in the body and it promotes muscle anabolism, prevents muscle catabolism, and assists in building the immune system. A little extra boost of this amino acid is worth a try. The bottle a purchased was $9.57 from iHerb.com. I plan on purchasing more as needed.
Almost show time and I could not be more excited! I am more excited that my family and friends will be there to see a defining moment - ME IN A BIKINI ON STAGE! Some people have asked me if I am aiming for first place. My ultimate goal was to make this a learning experience to share with others. If this includes placing 1st, then FABULOUS, if not, that's okay as well. It was the journey I was aiming for, not the trophy. It has been on my Bucket List for quite some time and it was time to get after it. I am so happy I took on this challenge and journey as I have learned so much already. I am definitely prepared to make myself giggle with all that I will experience come the weekend I compete. I am thankful that God has given me the determination and drive to make this happen. I am thankful for all the support, every "LIKE" on the pictures I have posted, all of the inspirational comments, and all the love from my family and friends. I am thankful for the circle of talented and brilliant individuals who have answered my questions. I hope you will all continue to take this journey with me at the day draws near.
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  1. Yeah Carisse! I'm definitely part of your cheering squad!!