Monday, June 25, 2012

Total - $29.99

Current Cost of Competing = $29.99

I am keeping a grand total of how much it is costing me to compete. In the past, I was quoted by numerous individuals to expect to pay thousands. I beg to differ. 

Just purchased my shoes this morning and they are in the mail. I have to eat to live, so food does not add any expense.

Checking this bad boy off my bucket list! So excited. I have learned so much about my body, cooking, how my body responds to different stimulus with training and nutrition, and am LOVING the journey!



  1. Are you going for a dark spray tan close to the competition time? We have someone at our gym who competes, and we always know when it's close to competition time because he keeps getting darker and darker. lol

  2. That's my plan! LOL! I'm nervous about that too! I'm SO WHITE!!!

  3. Hopefully maybe you can go to someone recommended by competitors you know, so you can trust the job they'll do? I do love a good spray tan! lol