Thursday, April 19, 2012

"Unhealthy" Judging the "Healthy"

“The major reason for setting a goal is for what it makes of you to accomplish it. What it makes of you will always be the far greater value than what you get.” – Jim Rohn
If you don’t know who Jim Rohn is, you are behind. He is a motivational speaker and the quote above sums it up. My whole philosophy is just that. We should focus on the journey, as life is a journey. We never reach the top because when we get to the top of one goal, we set another one and thus climb that mountain. Rinse, lather and repeat. Isn’t that wonderful to think about? Enjoy the process, enjoy who you become, set goals, achieve them, be proud and keep them coming.
With that said, I was in conversation with Reva Mody regarding the “unhealthy” judging the “healthy”.  I have also had numerous conversations with individuals regarding this topic. I think these individuals may be uneducated in how to live a healthy lifestyle and they may also feel they do not possess the determination and willpower to achieve something looked so highly on. When you see someone walking down the street with a stellar physique, we all know that didn’t happen overnight. We all know it takes willpower, determination, sweat, work, desire, passion, etc. to achieve what this person looks like. Granted being healthy is not just what is developed on the outside, it is within as well. It’s possible these “unhealthy” individuals do not have the confidence and they think “I could never look like that”.
I will be honest. Before I considered a profession in the health and fitness industry, I worked out A LOT. TOO MUCH. I did not have the diet to parallel my workouts. I was overweight, ate the wrong foods, ate too much and tried to “balance” it out with hours at the gym. That did not work. Let me repeat, THAT. DID. NOT. WORK (take note!). I made excuses for myself saying, "I am destined to be a BIG girl." REALLY?! I am much more educated, experienced and capable of living this healthy lifestyle with little effort because it IS my lifestyle and habitual. It did not happen overnight and resulted in small changes to equal where I am now. I am VERY happy with where I am and I am stronger, healthier and leaner than I have EVER been. Period. So, when people judge me, when people cringe at the food I eat, when people look down as I jog by them smoking a cigarette, and when waitresses raise their eyebrow and pucker their lips because I make some odd requests at a restaurant (rarely do we eat out) that is FINE. At least I won’t have to sprint from the front door to jump into my jeans and try to button them. There is nothing worse than not feeling comfortable in your own skin.
Perhaps the best option would be to lend a hand and offer OUR food when someone offers us McDonald’s. Suggesting another restaurant with healthier options and help educate these “unhealthy” individuals to slowly cross over into the “healthy” side. We cannot change anyone and sometimes we have to let them hit rock bottom before they make a change, but we can help and offer suggestions and guidance that is TRUE and ACCURATE. We are all in this together and, let’s be honest, it can be tough. Change is hard but we can make it as smooth as possible for the next “unhealthy” to become “healthy”.
What are your thoughts on people who discriminate those individuals who DO live the healthy lifestyle? Who work hard at training for an event? Who schedule in their workouts? Or if you are the complete opposite, what is holding you back? What is your preception of "healthy"?
With health,

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