Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Power of "No...Thank You".

The Power of “No… Thank You”.
Years ago, I found myself feeling bad for declining a bite of this, a nibble of that, or a quick sip of high-calorie drinks or food that people would offer me. Today, I have no problem whatsoever GRACIOUSLY turning down something that does not belong in my body for fear of offending someone. When faced with this challenge, we should remember a few things:

-          Learn to revisit our goals - Make the list in your head, or better yet, visually see the list in your mind’s eye of your goals. This is why an actual LIST is so important. We constantly have to remind ourselves of why we are living the lifestyle we are.

-          Learn to POLITELY decline – There is a positive and pleasant way to say “No, thank you”. In some cultures, love is expressed through food, but who is to say it can’t be expressed in return with a smile, tilt of the head, a touch on the shoulder and a little wink. Be honest, be proud, be brief, and be ready to REPEAT.

-          Remember: those who truly respect you and your goals will NOT be offended – One way to hold yourself accountable is to verbally tell people your goals. This allows others to feel a part of your goals but also enables them to understand as well. This can work positively in a number of ways – individuals will try to tempt you LESS (or more, to be honest) and you can motivate them to make healthy lifestyle changes as well. People will see changes in you and may want to implement the same strategies in their life. It’s a two-way street on this one!

-          A shortage of cheat foods will never be an issue – Anytime you want to cheat, you can. Period. There will always be junk and trash that you can put into your body. Why do it NOW? The second you consume it, it’s gone forever. No turning back!

-          Saying “No” is honorable – When you say “No” to the UNHEALTHY, you are honoring you, your values and your emotions. Do you want to feel guilt for hours after experiencing a few seconds of a dopamine rush from dessert? It’s not worth it. Honor yourself!

Politely declining may take some work for some but it can be an easy change for others. As for the individuals you are saying “No, thank you” too, it may take them a little more time, just remember the list discussed above. It eventually becomes a habit for you AND for those around you. Keep it simple and stay on the journey to health and wellness!
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