Thursday, March 8, 2012

Better Weather = Healthier Bodies

My new philosophy is somewhat of a stream of consciousness. When you live in desirable weather, you are surrounded with a multitude of colors enhancing one’s mood. This feeds right in to a lifted spirit and better attitude. You want to get outdoors and live an active lifestyle (hopefully!).
Having lived in San Diego for over a year now, I see the difference in people. People are CONSISTENTLY active. It’s not a 2-month bout here a 2-month bout there, it’s a get off the couch and hit the beach for a run or bike ride, a hike in Torrey Pines or Balboa Park, a car ride to the mountains to snowboard. This is a dream come true!
I have spoken to people who drive in from the desert and as soon as they hit the coastal weather, seeing green and feeling the ocean breeze, their mood changes. I was in the same boat as well. Been there done that. The positive energy to be active and live healthfully spreads to the surrounding communities. It's FABULOUS! Our whole lifestyle has improved since moving here, so I also included some progress pictures of P and I to prove it. 
So, with that said, here are some uplifting pictures from the past few weeks. I am keeping a photo log for the year of 2012. These are some pictures I have included in the log. I created a special e-mail address and every day I send one picture of an amazing site and/or something I am thankful for on that given day. Near the end of the year, I will open up the e-mail and make my Gratitude Photo Log Presentation. Here are some sneak peeks…

Don't judge my puppy pajamas... P got them for me years ago and they are my favorite!
THESE progress pictures are more fun! Don't forget the puppy pajamas. They still made an appearance. 

One of the many reasons why I love P – his goofy personality. (The muscles are a bonus as well!) ;)
That’s all folks! Happy Weekend!

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