Friday, December 30, 2011

My TOP 5 posts of 2011

Happy New Year! 
I compiled my TOP 5 posts of this year as we skip in to 2012. Have a safe and happy LONG weekend!
Need some extra motivation as we jump in to 2012? Read my post on motivation and goal-setting.

Salt seems to be a debatable topic these days. Conflicting studies are out regarding moderate salt intake versus low salt intake. However, the moderate salt intake studies do not provide sufficient evidence or taken on a large enough study group to prove it is beneficial. From previous experience, a low sodium diet is what works well for me. Read this blog on the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of sodium and what measures to take in case you have consumed a high-sodium meal.
This recipe was a HUGE hit on Christmas Day! No, it’s not healthy but splurging once in a while is okay. Live on the edge a bit. It’s okay, I promise!
The health of our brain is often left out of the equation of living a healthy and active lifestyle. Keep the brain challenged and fully functioning with various activities. Learn about the brain and Dr. Amen’s research in this short post.
Last but not least, the posting of my Carissolutions for 2012. I have felt 2011 was an amazing year, and life keeps getting better. I pray constantly for guidance of God’s Will and this burning passion in my heart is on FIIIIIIIIIIIIRE! It’s all God, for God, and was given to me by God. Posting and making public your goals allows others to hold you accountable.

Have a safe and happy weekend! Happy Holidays my friends and family!

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