Monday, December 12, 2011

Love, Friends, Fitness, and Music

This weekend, Palani and I fly to Vegas to be with friends and take part in the Les Mills Quarterly. Thank you, Stephanie and Kandace, for being amazing hosts and allowing us to stay in their beautiful home. Two of our closest friends! Les Mills is taking over group fitness worldwide. This fitness empire is something to be a part of. It’s a tribe of warriors out to change the world. In fact, the new core values of Les Mills International are: ONE TRIBE, BE BRAVE, and CHANGE THE WORLD. It cannot get much better than that! I feel so blessed to be a part of something bigger than me. I definitely got emotional a few times on Saturday being with such amazing people and experiencing the world class presentations.

After the Quarterly, we met up with our friends for sushi dinner. I love my friends beyond words. They inspire me every day and are positive go-getter's! If anyone wants to find out who we are on the inside, take a look at our friends. Like-minded individuals with a passion to help others and themselves live a better life! What a blessing to call them friends. <3

In case you have been living under a rock for quite some time, my brother-in-law, Coffey, just released his newest cd – Worship Unplugged 3. As a former musician, I can really appreciate the time, effort and knowledge put in to musical pieces. Coffey is always a hard worker and goes above and beyond in his life to spread God’s glory through music, but he REALLY stepped it up on this one. The progressions and musical talent shines bright on this album. I feel a musician has peaked and reached a new level when they can produce an amazing upbeat track but can reach the other end of the spectrum and produce a ballad that is clear, crisp and IN KEY. Coffey does just that – while crossing genres in to Pop as well. Simply BRILLIANT!

Expect some recipe blogs this week – Healthy Sugar Cookies and Inside Out Pumpkin Chocolate Cookies. Feel free to share my blog and spread to love, health and wellness!

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