Thursday, October 13, 2011

80 Days and COUNTING… and RANTING.

I tend to have a rant every now and then that is worthy of posting on Facebook. Today, I ranted briefly about people diminishing the importance of another person’s goals. I always see motivational quotes, posters, etc., about this exact topic, but I have always felt people are NOT that mean. Yes, a little naive I suppose, but am I completely wrong to think the best of “people” in general?
The past few weeks I have seen and heard first-hand of people doing this to individuals that are very close to me. This honestly makes my blood boil! I am starting to shake as I write this blog. Why would someone be so cruel to belittle someone? I will NEVER comprehend.
As we creep our way down the 100-Day Challenge, focus on the goals that may be similar to the struggle above, but internally. Are YOU diminishing YOUR goals? Is your self talk negative? What are you speaking to YOURSELF?
Do not allow negative thoughts to creep in. Let them pass through and replace them with positive thoughts. Why can’t you accomplish everything you ever wanted to? What is stopping you? Why? There really is NO excuse. Things will not change overnight, but you can do ONE thing each day to progress. You can do it. I KNOW you can!

Here is my fist-bump, high five, hands in the air, pat on the back, and kick start to tell YOU that YOU ARE WORTHY AND CAPABLE OF EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED! Enjoy the journey...

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