Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How to Start Day 1 of the 100-Day Challenge

You have made the decision to start the challenge, so now what?
You should have a goal, or list of goals, that you plan on completing by January 1, 2012. The next step is to break down each goal in to smaller, daily goals. What tasks can you do EACH day that will inch you closer to that main goal?
“Inch by inch it’s a synch, yard by yard it’s much too hard.” – Dr. Len Kravitz.
The focus should be to accomplish these daily tasks and not be overwhelmed by what needs to be done to attain the main goal. Each of us has a comfort zone, stretch zone, and panic zone. When we pass our comfort zone in to the stretch zone, we place a stress on the body that will not send us in to a panic, but allows us to truly grow and progress because we step out of the box. This is what needs to happen every day! It is at THIS very moment in our stretch zone, where we grow as individuals. It’s called stepping up to the plate, pushing the limit, fighting for what is rightly yours, etc.
Set goals that are within reach but allow for a stretch. Where would the pride and sense of accomplishment be if you set goals you KNEW you were going to accomplish? Make people aware of your goals, as suggested in my previous blog.
Always remember that every BODY is different and so is everyone’s goals. No need to compare goals with others, but sharing is key. This will hold you accountable!
To begin the 100-Day Challenge, break down your main goals in to smaller daily tasks. Be specific, set daily time frames, prepare in advance, ignore the negative self-talk and do what needs to be done so finish this year STRONG!

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