Friday, September 16, 2011

Fitness Friday

It’s Friday already? Well, technically, every day is Friday in my book. It’s always a ROCKIN’ day. Here are some great FITNESS FINDS AND FUN that I wanted to share. Enjoy…
During our trip to Yuma, we shopped at Fry’s GROCERY Store. Yes, the grocery store, not the electronic store. It was AMAZING! I had to blog about Moon Pops. Moon Pops are similar to rice cakes, with different nutritional content (see below). You can add various toppings – peanut butter, nutella, etc. I like breaking mine apart and dipping in yogurt or spreading sugar-free jelly on top. YUM!
Who doesn’t like taking pictures while working out? Not everyone? New to me, maybe old to some, is the Camera+ App on the Iphone. Again, AMAZING!
Super excited to be volunteering today and tomorrow for the San Diego Triathlon Classic! One of the tenants from “work” is racing in it and can’t wait to cheer her, as well as every other athlete, on. I am truly enjoying paying it forward to all the fabulous and helpful volunteers who I have been blessed by during my races.
Best of skill, legs, and heart to ALL the athletes!
With love and health,

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