Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cheap Fuel and the MOST Unnecessary Exercise

Not too fond of the sugary Gatorade marketed EVERYWHERE? Remember when Gatorade actually tasted like watered down Kool-Aid? Times have changed to cater to the world’s sweet tooth. How brilliant (insert sarcasm).

Recipe for Endurance Fuel:
Water, Orange Juice, and a Pinch of Salt. Exact amounts vary on taste preference. However, the more sugar, the more gastrointestinal distress.
Have you seen some random exercises in the gym? Well, this exercise is NOT random. In fact, it has been part of people’s daily exercise regime for YEARS! Are you ready? …:::dramatic pause:::

Yep. That is no surprise to some of us. There is NOW, finally, an exercise prescription for crunches. Pending on the individual being well, healthy, and active, no more than 60 crunches per training session is recommended. This is due to the repetition of spinal flexions that can reduce the health of the spine. Also, with any muscle group, training the core everyday is not necessary.
Instead, opt for planks, variations on the plank, bridges, stability ball work, etc. Also consider compound strength training moves that challenge the core.

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