Thursday, September 29, 2011

93 Days and COUNTING...

Do we need a little refocusing? Do we need to be reminded of what did NOT work last time we set goals?  
Feel free to check all that apply to you below. Remember, it IS about YOU and accomplishing YOUR goals.
1. You did not have a specific set of goals when the year began.
2. If you did, you were not 100% committed to achieving them.
3. You did not develop a detailed action plan to include deadlines and hold yourself to those deadlines.
4. You allowed yourself to lose focus on your key priorities.
5. You were undisciplined and inconsistent in your actions.
6. You wasted a lot of time, talent and resources on low payoff activities.
7. You did not enforce personal accountability and made excuses for your inaction.
8. You did not take massive action each and every day and as a result you are now dealing with an undesirable reality.
With the 100-Day Challenge, we can refocus to NOT make these mistakes. It’s time to get what you are here for!

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