Monday, September 12, 2011

100-Day Challenge

110 days left in 2011.
As some of you know, I have “hosted” a 100-Day Challenge leading up to the new year, the past two years.  Some people have just counted down the days while others have truly changed their lives in these 100 days. Once again, I am going to throw the challenge out to everyone – take it or leave it. Remember, the goal in life is to progress in to the person God made us to be. We were never meant to be stagnant; otherwise, all believers would be in Heaven already. I feel we were meant to take a journey. As Miles McPherson, pastor of our church, The Rock, always says, “This is my opinion and it means nothing.”
We have 10 days to narrow down what goals we hope to accomplish within the 100 days. This could be ONE MAJOR goal you have wanted to tackle, or a few smaller ones. It’s all up to YOU!
A couple suggestions:
-  In order to keep our eyes on our goals, we need a road map. Our road map is the list of our goals broken down in to small daily achievable goals. Feel free to read a previous blog that can help with this process, A Sip for Success.

- Visuals can assist with achieving goals. My suggestion is to make a FREE VISION BOARD ONLINE. How awesome is this? You could also use a bulletin board with pictures, articles, and anything else that will make that emotional connection to accomplishing your goals.

- As hard as this may be, if you make your goals known to others, they hold you accountable. Whether or not they remember or ask about your progress, you KNOW you made the “announcement” and they are set in stone. I would make it an effort to tell individuals that WILL hold you accountable and support you in accomplishing your goals. Post them on your social networks, tell your family, scope out your resources, and do what needs to be done to GET WHAT YOU DESERVE!

Periodically, I will post the countdown with some motivational advice to continue the journey. Best of GOALS, my friends! Life is too exciting to settle for less than your best. Go get it!

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