Thursday, September 29, 2011

93 Days and COUNTING...

Do we need a little refocusing? Do we need to be reminded of what did NOT work last time we set goals?  
Feel free to check all that apply to you below. Remember, it IS about YOU and accomplishing YOUR goals.
1. You did not have a specific set of goals when the year began.
2. If you did, you were not 100% committed to achieving them.
3. You did not develop a detailed action plan to include deadlines and hold yourself to those deadlines.
4. You allowed yourself to lose focus on your key priorities.
5. You were undisciplined and inconsistent in your actions.
6. You wasted a lot of time, talent and resources on low payoff activities.
7. You did not enforce personal accountability and made excuses for your inaction.
8. You did not take massive action each and every day and as a result you are now dealing with an undesirable reality.
With the 100-Day Challenge, we can refocus to NOT make these mistakes. It’s time to get what you are here for!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cheap Fuel and the MOST Unnecessary Exercise

Not too fond of the sugary Gatorade marketed EVERYWHERE? Remember when Gatorade actually tasted like watered down Kool-Aid? Times have changed to cater to the world’s sweet tooth. How brilliant (insert sarcasm).

Recipe for Endurance Fuel:
Water, Orange Juice, and a Pinch of Salt. Exact amounts vary on taste preference. However, the more sugar, the more gastrointestinal distress.
Have you seen some random exercises in the gym? Well, this exercise is NOT random. In fact, it has been part of people’s daily exercise regime for YEARS! Are you ready? …:::dramatic pause:::

Yep. That is no surprise to some of us. There is NOW, finally, an exercise prescription for crunches. Pending on the individual being well, healthy, and active, no more than 60 crunches per training session is recommended. This is due to the repetition of spinal flexions that can reduce the health of the spine. Also, with any muscle group, training the core everyday is not necessary.
Instead, opt for planks, variations on the plank, bridges, stability ball work, etc. Also consider compound strength training moves that challenge the core.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fitness Friday

It’s Friday, again? Time flies when you’re having fun. Loving life as always and wanted to share the latest finds to continue living well and healthy.
Energy Bar Recipe, compliments of Cheryl Spooner (Thank you, Cheryl!):

½ c. cashews
½ c. almonds
½ c. dates
½ c. raisins
1 Tbsp. chia seeds
2 tsp. pumpkin spice (see ingredients below)*
1-2 Tbsp. honey or agave

Grind cashews, almonds, dates, raisins, and chia seeds in food processor (or magic bullet).  Add pumpkin spice and honey/agave.

Spread flat and cut into rectangles. Wrap with Saran wrap. Refrigerate, or dehydrate.

*To make pumpkin spice: 4 tsp. cinnamon, 2 Tbsp. ginger, 1 tsp. allspice, and 1 tsp. nutmeg.

As a reminder, PORTION CONTROL with these bad boys…

Looking for something fun to do with the family this weekend? Special coupon code for the Padres Game on Saturday evening at 5:35pm.

Simply go to and enter Promo Code: GROUPS2.

Palani and I went to Oceanside last weekend and enjoyed walking around, people watching, and sighed over the sights and sounds of the ocean. Take a few moments everyday to sit back and really enjoy this life with live. Live in the moment and focus on slowing down. I personally feel like the years are going by faster as I get older. STOP! Enjoy. Love. Live. Laugh. Share.

99 Days and COUNTING...

Today marks the last 99 days of 2012, which means it also marks the last 99 days to truly make a change in your business, your relationships, your education, your adventures, your finances, your health, your physique and yes, your life in general, THIS YEAR. What YOU do in the next 99 days could change the course of your life forever.

Come Jan 1st you could be healthier, financially better off, checked off some or all of you bucket list, and having an amazing relationship with the people most important to you.

The 100 days that we are counting down is going to pass by, might as well make the MOST of it, right? Get one step closer. Today.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

100 Days and COUNTING...

Fast-forward 100 days from now, and imagine that you
are looking back on these last 100 days of the year.

What has to have happened for you to feel like the
last 100 days have been successful?

What has to have happened for you to feel happy with
your progress?

How will you FEEL? Disappointed or accomplished?

Make the list and get started - Day 1 of 100!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fitness Friday

It’s Friday already? Well, technically, every day is Friday in my book. It’s always a ROCKIN’ day. Here are some great FITNESS FINDS AND FUN that I wanted to share. Enjoy…
During our trip to Yuma, we shopped at Fry’s GROCERY Store. Yes, the grocery store, not the electronic store. It was AMAZING! I had to blog about Moon Pops. Moon Pops are similar to rice cakes, with different nutritional content (see below). You can add various toppings – peanut butter, nutella, etc. I like breaking mine apart and dipping in yogurt or spreading sugar-free jelly on top. YUM!
Who doesn’t like taking pictures while working out? Not everyone? New to me, maybe old to some, is the Camera+ App on the Iphone. Again, AMAZING!
Super excited to be volunteering today and tomorrow for the San Diego Triathlon Classic! One of the tenants from “work” is racing in it and can’t wait to cheer her, as well as every other athlete, on. I am truly enjoying paying it forward to all the fabulous and helpful volunteers who I have been blessed by during my races.
Best of skill, legs, and heart to ALL the athletes!
With love and health,

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How to Start Day 1 of the 100-Day Challenge

You have made the decision to start the challenge, so now what?
You should have a goal, or list of goals, that you plan on completing by January 1, 2012. The next step is to break down each goal in to smaller, daily goals. What tasks can you do EACH day that will inch you closer to that main goal?
“Inch by inch it’s a synch, yard by yard it’s much too hard.” – Dr. Len Kravitz.
The focus should be to accomplish these daily tasks and not be overwhelmed by what needs to be done to attain the main goal. Each of us has a comfort zone, stretch zone, and panic zone. When we pass our comfort zone in to the stretch zone, we place a stress on the body that will not send us in to a panic, but allows us to truly grow and progress because we step out of the box. This is what needs to happen every day! It is at THIS very moment in our stretch zone, where we grow as individuals. It’s called stepping up to the plate, pushing the limit, fighting for what is rightly yours, etc.
Set goals that are within reach but allow for a stretch. Where would the pride and sense of accomplishment be if you set goals you KNEW you were going to accomplish? Make people aware of your goals, as suggested in my previous blog.
Always remember that every BODY is different and so is everyone’s goals. No need to compare goals with others, but sharing is key. This will hold you accountable!
To begin the 100-Day Challenge, break down your main goals in to smaller daily tasks. Be specific, set daily time frames, prepare in advance, ignore the negative self-talk and do what needs to be done so finish this year STRONG!

Monday, September 12, 2011

100-Day Challenge

110 days left in 2011.
As some of you know, I have “hosted” a 100-Day Challenge leading up to the new year, the past two years.  Some people have just counted down the days while others have truly changed their lives in these 100 days. Once again, I am going to throw the challenge out to everyone – take it or leave it. Remember, the goal in life is to progress in to the person God made us to be. We were never meant to be stagnant; otherwise, all believers would be in Heaven already. I feel we were meant to take a journey. As Miles McPherson, pastor of our church, The Rock, always says, “This is my opinion and it means nothing.”
We have 10 days to narrow down what goals we hope to accomplish within the 100 days. This could be ONE MAJOR goal you have wanted to tackle, or a few smaller ones. It’s all up to YOU!
A couple suggestions:
-  In order to keep our eyes on our goals, we need a road map. Our road map is the list of our goals broken down in to small daily achievable goals. Feel free to read a previous blog that can help with this process, A Sip for Success.

- Visuals can assist with achieving goals. My suggestion is to make a FREE VISION BOARD ONLINE. How awesome is this? You could also use a bulletin board with pictures, articles, and anything else that will make that emotional connection to accomplishing your goals.

- As hard as this may be, if you make your goals known to others, they hold you accountable. Whether or not they remember or ask about your progress, you KNOW you made the “announcement” and they are set in stone. I would make it an effort to tell individuals that WILL hold you accountable and support you in accomplishing your goals. Post them on your social networks, tell your family, scope out your resources, and do what needs to be done to GET WHAT YOU DESERVE!

Periodically, I will post the countdown with some motivational advice to continue the journey. Best of GOALS, my friends! Life is too exciting to settle for less than your best. Go get it!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Fitness Friday

I have decided to post a blog every Friday that relates to any and all things FITNESS. Without further adieu, let’s get started…

On my quest to prevent the growth of my current kidney stones and the formation of more, I have chosen a vegetarian diet. I have been experimenting with different dietary approaches which led me to Ultimate Nutrition’s Protein Isolate. With only 1 gram of sugar, zero lactose, and 100 calories per scoop, this is BY FAR the best protein for ME. I have a very sensitive stomach and I thank my boyfriend, Palani, for taking my list of requests for a protein powder and finding this one in GNC while I got my eyebrows waxed one day.  He is THE BEST!

At IDEA, there are many MANY vendors that come in and display their products. Being the skeptical individual that I am, I usually disregard most of the supplement vendors unless I feel there is substantial evidence to their claim. CocoaVia is a dark chocolate-flavored supplement that supports cardiovascular health due to the flavanols from the cocoa. Flavanols have been studied and are believed to help keep arteries flexible, increase small blood vessel circulation, reduce blood pressure, and help protect against sunburns. This is fabulous and definitely adds benefit to the supplement, but the taste is also exceptional! A while back I started adding cocoa powder + splenda to protein pancakes, but this combines both. I now pour 1 packet in to ½ cup of oats with 1 TBSP of ground flaxseeds, cook in the microwave for a little over 2 minutes. DONE. It’s about efficiency and cost.
(CocoaVia also comes in unsweetened.)
As always, I have been a huge fan of the Susan G. Komen Foundation. My family, friends, and I have been involved with the race for quite a few years. The Race for the Cure in San Diego is November 6, 2011. If you are able to volunteer or participate in this event, I HIGHLY recommend it. Please join us!

A co-worker at another property shared this with me and I wanted to share it with all of you.  If you go to link below you can choose a participating museum in your area and get 2 free Tickets to visit on September 24th! This sure beats sitting on the couch, then again, who sits on the couch anymore?
National Museum Day is on September 24, This is a special day at the museum as it is a participant in National Museum Day sponsored by the Smithsonian.  As part of the program free tickets (2 per email address) are available at  
Spread the word! I chose the San Diego Botanic Garden...
Happy Fitness Friday Friends!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day Weekend Highlights

Wow! This weekend was exciting and eventful, to say the least. Hope your weekend brought you some fun and rest, as well!

For the first time, I went to the Del Mar Races with my co-workers. Everyone needs to go to the races atleast once! We had SO much fun...

Palani and I hiked at Torrey Pines National Park, just outside of Del Mar. We love how close everything is! Pt. Loma, where we live, really is the PERFECT location. Anyways, such a beautiful site looking over the coast...
We also went to The Festival of Sails at the Embarcadero and Seaport Village. A lot of vendors, big ships, and older couples "cuttin' up a rug". SO PRECIOUS...
What a fabulous time with friends and family! Next weekend, headed to Yuma, AZ for more family fun! Life is AMAZING!!

Friday, September 2, 2011


Heard of orthorexia?
Although it is not a medically recognized term, orthorexia is the obsession with healthy food. When I first heard this term a while back, I was in shock. Isn’t this what we want? It is now a condition to not want antibiotics, steroids, etc. in our food supply?
Dr. Steven Bratman coined this term in 1997 and offered two questions that may help one decide if they have a mild case of orthorexia:
·         Do you care more about the virtue of what you eat than the pleasure you receive from eating it?
·         Does your diet socially isolate you?
Although these are important questions, I feel that one has to pick and choose their battles. Eating a clean and healthy diet may not necessarily isolate a person, but it does involve making wise choices and preferring not to be subject to certain behaviors.
Other questions to ask are provided by Davis on the WebMD (2000) website are:
·         Do you spend more than 3 hours a day thinking about healthy foods?
·         When you eat the way you are supposed to, do you feel in total control?
·         Are you planning tomorrow's menu today?
·         Has the quality of your life decreased as the quality of your diet increased?
·         Have you become stricter with yourself?
·         Does your self-esteem get a boost from eating healthy?
·         Do you look down on others who don't eat this way?
·         Do you skip foods you once enjoyed in order to eat the "right" foods?
·         Does your diet make it difficult for you to eat anywhere but at home, distancing you from family and friends?
·         Do you feel guilt or self-loathing when you stray from your diet?
If yes was answered to two or more questions, the person may have a mild case of orthorexia.

Regarding the other questions listed above, I think there is a fine line. In order to live healthful, there definitely is preparation involved. Of course planning the next day of meals is imperative for success, some individuals prepare the entire week! There is a boost of self esteem when eating healthy because food is medicine. When healthful food enters the body, it aids the body in a way that unhealthy food cannot. It provides nourishment that enables the body to function the way it should. Obviously, unhealthy foods cannot accomplish this task.
With that said, there is the possibility of too much of a good thing. If eating healthy has completely taken over your life, changes your moods drastically, and limits the way you live your life, it’s time to assess the situation.