Monday, August 8, 2011

Running Gear. CHECK.

I receive a lot of questions regarding my running gear and fuel, so here goes…
What clothing do you wear?
My favorite shorts are Nike Tempo Running Shorts. In regards to my tops, I never like tight fitting clothes. Period. So a tank with a little room to spare. I like Nike's Drifit, but any athletic top does it for me. I also usually wear a visor and sunglasses. Don’t forget the sunblock!
What shoes do you run in?

This is a LOADED question. I supinate (under-pronate) so I need a “cushion shoe”. If you over-pronate, you will need a “stability shoe”. Our gait cycles MIGHT be similar, might not be. If these are new terms for you, I recommend e-mailing the shoe EXPERT, my boyfriend, Palani.

My favorite brand is Asics. Hands down.

How do you know you found the correct shoe? When you don't think about your feet/shoes during your run.

BLISTERS.BLISTERS.BLISTERS. This could quite possibly be the most important information in this blog --> BODYGLIDE. I wish someone would have told me about Bodyglide before my first marathon training. This product comes in a deodorant container and is quite gooey. It works miracles for blisters and chaffing. It can be purchased at any sports store. Very cheap and very much worth it! (C's Tip: Out of BODYGLIDE? Use Vaseline.)

What about fuel?
I have a VERY sensitive stomach and had numerous episodes that sent me to doctor after doctor after doctor. All the docs had very different answers with no definite explanation.
A lot of my fueling was trial and error. Error + Running = VERY UNCOMFORTABLE. When in doubt, go with what YOU KNOW works for YOUR BODY. Don't try something new, unless you were in my situation where I had to play around with different foods.

NIGHT before the long run (10+ miles), Palani and I, religiously, ate sushi. We discovered this, it worked, and continued... until my stomach turned on sushi as well. P then started to make spaghetti that is like NO OTHER RECIPE. He calls it Cross Continent Spaghetti. It's DELISH. Again, contact him for the recipe.

Focus on carbohydrate intake and fluids. We both aimed to drink a gallon of water throughout the day before a long run.

MORNING of the run was always a challenge as well. What can I fuel my body with that will last 10+ miles that I won't taste during the run? Graphic, but true. Most of the "energy" bars gave me acid indigestion. A quick-digesting banana with some almonds or a Lara Bar (all natural) proved to be the best for me. I would recommend to others - granola and yogurt, a banana and half a bagel, and if energy bars work for you, have at it!

DURING the run: I have tried everything - shot blocks, gels, gummy chews, fig newtons, sports beans, etc. The gels and shot blocks are CONCENTRATED carbohydrates (sugar). They should be taken with CARE. Consume small amounts every so often to prevent GI distress. If you intake a large amount, water rushes to the gut to dilute the concentrated sugars causing… The. Big. D. I am truly thankful I have never been in this situation, but TRUST ME, others have. One word: Google. The fuel during the long runs, for me, dwindled to a water bottle with half gatorade and half water and gummy chews. G2 requires less watering down, the higher sugar gatorade requires more, personally. Palani can handle Gatorade AS IS.  

There are many fuel belts on the market. We have tried a few, but the bounce of the water bottle is inevitable. For a few years, I used a cheap one I bought at Target which worked just fine. If your running route has fuel stops along the way (fast food joints, convenient stores, etc.), consider just the pouch (pictured at the top). Some runners prefer the Camelbacks. These are backpacks that hold fluid. Again, the bouncing is unavoidable.

After the run, aim for carbohydrates and protein to refuel the muscles and aid in recovery and repair. My post-run meal was an oats and egg white concoction of some sort. My friend, Jen Comas, has an excellent assortment of recipes to spice up the ol’ combo.

Your post-run might... let me change that, WILL include some aches and pains. I recommend ICE (frozen peas work great!) and/or, Biofreeze, and Ibuprofen. Use the ice OR Biofreeze as these therapeutic modalities are similar in terms of affects on the body.
Hopefully this sends you in the forward direction. Personally, I found the most expensive item when choosing running as a sport, is the entry fee to the marathons. Running is primitive and I feel the costs should mimic that as well. Let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Happy Running!

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  1. fun! we are could be running gear buddys - Nike Tempo shorts are all I wear and I am an Asics fan too. and just bought my first tube of BodyGlide this month - so great. Haven't made it to a 10+ mile run yet but I will in two weeks, so I will be sure to reference this post when I am getting ready!