Monday, August 15, 2011

Installment #1: Post-IDEA HIGH and N.E.A.T.

WOW! What a great conference, I learned a lot. What an incredible experience! Next year, it will be in San Diego for the 30th Anniversary. How exciting! Fitness professionals, July 5-9th.

Some myths and misconceptions were put to rest this year at IDEA, which is always exciting. I am a very skeptical individual when it comes to health and wellness, so seeing the research done to dispel various findings is what I LOVE. I feel EVERY health professional should attend workshops, lectures, seminars, etc. to keep progressing with the industry. IT'S IMPERATIVE!
Hopefully, we all can agree that sitting too much is hazardous to our health. For years, we have been focusing on following suggested guidelines of physical activity; which have been increasing in duration through the years, along with our waistlines. New research shows that even if individuals are getting their recommended 60 minutes of physical activity per day, they are still at an increased risk of mortality if they have a job where they sit all day. We are made to move and be active, not sit all day. The research concludes that while sitting, there is a dramatic drop in lipoprotein lipase, which captures fat from the blood for fuel leading to high levels of triglycerides. Too much sitting also lowers HDL-C*, our “good” cholesterol, and elevates cardiovascular disease.
* HDL-C is carried BY HDL which removes LDL from the walls of blood vessels to the liver for breakdown and disposal.
Dr. Len Kravtiz, Ph.D., is helping spread the word about NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis).  I had the pleasure of taking Len’s lecture at IDEA this year, as well as in past years. He is an incredible wealth of knowledge, and comical too!
NEAT is a way for people to be more active throughout the day with small changes. For example, instead of sitting and talking on the phone, walk and talk. Every time you sit down, make the effort to sit, stand, THEN sit down and vice versa. When watching television, during the commercials, walk around, do a quick errand. These small changes have been researched and resulted in an additional expenditure of 325 cals/day (16 kg/year). HELLO!!
Moral of THIS story – make small changes in the way we think and live so promote LESS sitting. Even though we may be hitting the gym on our lunch hour, we still need to focus on being active throughout the day.


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  1. You are a walking encyclopedia for everyone, so proud of you! Keep it up!