Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Interesting Stories

Ever find yourself judging someone? Don’t lie. We all do!
Ever stop to think what THEIR story might be?
What if…
…we made an effort to find out every person’s story?
…we took off those judgment blinders and put on shades of love?
…we remember that everyone has a battle or two, of some kind, and our positive attitude and   smile may be the only extraordinary encounter they experience today?
…we realize that no one makes us feel a certain way? We control our feelings.
…we respond to an enemy with love and go the extra mile for them?
…every word spoken from our mouths was positive and made a difference?
…we set aside any “ME” thoughts and only focused on the other person?

Life is not always glitter and unicorns, but it CAN be, depending on how we respond to situations and how we respond to people. YOU can make OTHER PEOPLE’S lives filled with glitter and unicorns by bringing love, a positive mindset, and an open heart to the interaction each and every time. I absolutely LOVE learning about other people and their stories. It brings light to any question of why people act or behave a certain way. I find people VERY interesting and intriguing…
Just some food for thought… Have a great day! -C

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