Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Closing the Marathon Book (for now)...

"Just keep swimming...(or running)." -Nemo
As most of you know, Palani and I run marathons. In two weeks, we will be closing the marathon book for a while.
"It's time..." -Joints, Muscles, Heart, and Soul.

The San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon on Sunday, June 5th, will be ran in honor of Bridgett Peterson and Kathy Rosencrants. These two individuals have changed our lives! When we do something in honor of something greater than ourselves, it is in that moment where all becomes possible. What greater way to close this chapter, than running the marathon FOR these two amazing ladies.

Palani and I are throwing around some ideas for our next step in staying motivated and living the healthy lifestyle. I am so blessed that Palani and I take this journey together. I am even more blessed that he hasn't left me for waking him up at 4:00am in Las Vegas to go run! Who DOES that?! (I love you, My Love!)What a great chapter it has been, now on to the next...
Change it up. Do something different. Learn. Live. Enjoy the process.

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