Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Closing the Marathon Book (for now)...

"Just keep swimming...(or running)." -Nemo
As most of you know, Palani and I run marathons. In two weeks, we will be closing the marathon book for a while.
"It's time..." -Joints, Muscles, Heart, and Soul.

The San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon on Sunday, June 5th, will be ran in honor of Bridgett Peterson and Kathy Rosencrants. These two individuals have changed our lives! When we do something in honor of something greater than ourselves, it is in that moment where all becomes possible. What greater way to close this chapter, than running the marathon FOR these two amazing ladies.

Palani and I are throwing around some ideas for our next step in staying motivated and living the healthy lifestyle. I am so blessed that Palani and I take this journey together. I am even more blessed that he hasn't left me for waking him up at 4:00am in Las Vegas to go run! Who DOES that?! (I love you, My Love!)What a great chapter it has been, now on to the next...
Change it up. Do something different. Learn. Live. Enjoy the process.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Interesting Stories

Ever find yourself judging someone? Don’t lie. We all do!
Ever stop to think what THEIR story might be?
What if…
…we made an effort to find out every person’s story?
…we took off those judgment blinders and put on shades of love?
…we remember that everyone has a battle or two, of some kind, and our positive attitude and   smile may be the only extraordinary encounter they experience today?
…we realize that no one makes us feel a certain way? We control our feelings.
…we respond to an enemy with love and go the extra mile for them?
…every word spoken from our mouths was positive and made a difference?
…we set aside any “ME” thoughts and only focused on the other person?

Life is not always glitter and unicorns, but it CAN be, depending on how we respond to situations and how we respond to people. YOU can make OTHER PEOPLE’S lives filled with glitter and unicorns by bringing love, a positive mindset, and an open heart to the interaction each and every time. I absolutely LOVE learning about other people and their stories. It brings light to any question of why people act or behave a certain way. I find people VERY interesting and intriguing…
Just some food for thought… Have a great day! -C

Friday, May 6, 2011

Building A New Bridge...

Have you ever felt sorry for yourself? Made excuses for not doing something? Thought the world was out to get you? We are MOST DEFINITELY sure this will change your life....

If you have not met Bridgett Peterson, take a moment to read her testimony. This will explain how we met and how a friendship grew. In December, there was a devastating accident on a rock wall where Bridgett fell about thirty feet and, needless to say, experienced an immediate life change and many challenges ahead. She shattered her pelvis, sacrum, and heels,  broke her ankles,  wrist, and shattered her elbow. She has endured many surgeries, but I am happy to report, she is way ahead of "schedule" and walking, accomplishing goals, and back to living life!

Less than two weeks before the accident, we ran The Las Vegas Rock 'n' Roll Marathon together. She trained EXTREMELY hard for this event and it was HER race and HER day. She is a goal-setter and a goal-getter!

Bridgett sporting her Las Vegas Marathon t-shirt and post-surgeries.

Bridgett has a goal to run in The San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon. She WILL accomplish this goal, no question. In honor of Bridgett and of her building this bridge, Palani and I will be running in her name come June 5th in The San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon. Please join us in celebrating her and her accomplishments. She is an amazing woman and we are truly blessed by her every single day!

Bridgett and myself at my UNLV graduation. She is always SO supportive of our endeavors, which brings me to our efforts to support her in this journey. Every Saturday, FitcampSD will be honoring her with our workouts at Mission Bay Park. This will be a forever and ongoing celebration of Bridgett! Please join us in helping Bridgett accomplish all she hopes and desires by donating time, love, sweat, and any amount to the Building A Bridge Fund... Go get em Bridge!

Donate by clicking the link below, every penny will go to Bridgett:

Congratulations Bridgett on all your accomplishments and being such an inspiration to so many! We love you!