Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fads, Friends, and Fakes. Consider the source.

Fads, Friends, and Fakes. Consider the Source.
We are a culture that likes rewards, we like the quick fix, and we want the prize before the hard work. I am constantly bombarded with questions regarding the latest “diet” or the new fitness “toy”.  

There is no quick fix that will mimic a healthy lifestyle LIKE a healthy lifestyle to ACHIEVE a healthy lifestyle.
As a society, we are spending billions of dollars on products that are not working. Why are they not working? Plain and simple - false claims. The person you are watching, claiming to have used the “berry drink” or the “shake weight” are actors. My words of wisdom – consider the source. Sketchers Shape-Ups claim to tone and tighten due to recent studies. Sketchers funded the research. Slightly tailored a bit? I think so. The Vitamin Shoppe recently sent out an e-mail stating the concern for radiation due to the episodes in Japan. To negate the radiation within the body, The Vitamin Shoppe urges Americans to start taking Potassium Iodide. In short, Potassium Iodide protects the thyroid glands from radioactive chemicals that may lead to thyroid cancer. You can imagine the panic this has evoked on individuals. Truth be told, the radiation is not anywhere near harmful levels for Americans and the doctor’s aren’t taking them, either are their families. With that said, consider the source.

If you are an individual outside of the fitness profession, who do you listen to for health and fitness knowledge? Your friends? Your family? Co-workers? They may be receiving the same e-mails from The Vitamin Shoppe!
In short, do YOUR research and consider the source. The source should be reputable, peer-reviewed, published, and backed by knowledgeable professionals. Period. The infommerical on television is NOT a reputable source.

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