Sunday, January 30, 2011

If You Asked Me Last Month...

 If you asked me last month how I saw myself, I probably would have said, " I think I’m fine, I look good…Oh, I’m running the LV marathon, I can eat this and I’ll be okay!” Boy was I wrong!

If you know me, I get away with a lot of things because of my genes (Hawaiian & Chinese). I used to eat fast food almost every day. I got away with it because of my metabolism and my genes! I'm 75% Chinese and 25% Hawaiian, although you would probably think it was reversed because of my size. My pops (the china man) he is about 5'7" and 175 lbs soaking wet, and I think I might be giving him way too much credit! The Hawaiian side of me is pretty strong for being the lesser of the two.

Long story short, I pretty much coasted through my 20’s eating McDonalds, Jack in the Box, Pizza Hut, and just about everything in between. Once I hit my 30’s, things started to change! I could feel my stomach grow with every bite, my Qua blue shirt got a little tight with the first bite of a burger. Whatever it was, it had to change! So, instead of changing my eating habits, I started running. My first marathon I signed up for, I thought would have been the death of me…I survived to say the least! But, I was still eating bad, that’s the one thing that did not change! With all the running we were doing, I figured I could get away with it. We did the Long Beach Marathon, and finished the year off with the Las Vegas Marathon, but I was so burned out from doing 3 full marathons, a half, and a few 5 K’s that year, I took almost the whole 2010 off from working out! I would go to the gym once a week, at the most twice. I just had no desire to leave the house, unless I went to work…which is funny since I’m a Personal Trainer, but hell, we all go through it! I kind of got back into working out when a close friend of ours wanted to do her first marathon, so I was almost forced to get back into running. As much as it was a struggle to get up every Saturday morning to do our group runs, it was good for me. It got me back into the gym, but my eating habits still did not change one bit! We finished the 2010 LV Marathon, and the first thing I wanted after the run was what?? A BURGER!!!

2011, a new venture, a New Year and new place that we call home! But, with the New Year comes my birthday, still thinking I look fine. January 4th, Carisse looks at me and says, “Let’s do something different, let’s change up our workouts?”

“Okay,” I said, “What do you want to do?”

“Let’s do Insanity!”

 I said, “Okay!” But, this time I did things different. I looked at this new workout in a different way. Instead of making a New Year’s Resolution, I made a New Year’s Mission! I made workout logs and a FOOD LOG!!! What?? A food what??  Yes, so I can be accountable for what I put in my body! If I was logging everything down, I’m pretty sure I would not want to log a donut or two or three, okay, I could go on….

January 29th, I look at people’s posts about doing HCG, Lap Band, and just about every short cut possible! I’m here to tell you in a little over 3 weeks I went from 210 to 196 lbs. NO SHORT CUTS, AND THE BIGGEST SURPRISE IS I HAVEN’T BEEN IN A GYM ONCE SINCE I HAVE BEEN IN SAN DIEGO! Yes, it is possible…it just takes work, hard work!

Before pic: Pump up the Pride

After pic: Jan 25, 2011

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